RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

*Move, die. Jump, die. Do nothing, DIE.*

I've been watching Asshole Mario. And I've got just one thing to say about it:

Whoever did this it is both a genius and the world's biggest fucker. And I never laughed so much at video game death in my life. This is how games were. (Ya halo there old age.) Designers had to hate humanity with a passion to make games in such a way as they FUCKED with you. Games were not beaten in a sitting, they beat you like a 8-bit bully. And everyone came back for more.

... And if I was playing, I probably would've whipped the controller at the TV about ten minutes in. (Now I remember why I got a Game Genie. :P)
Tags: games

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