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The good, the bad and the really ugly.

The good: I paid for svam. Why? I have no freaking clue. Maybe I just wanted it paid. Maybe because I wanted to the community to have access to create it's own style and polls and what-not the paid accounts have. Maybe I just like spending money on stuff other than myself. (Even though I am the current maintainer. ;p)

The bad: I near zapped myself but good fixing some of the lights and switches at work today. NEARLY. Blew a couple of breakers however.

The ugly: Something, for whatever reason, keeps zarching the right side of my headphones. So now I've had two pairs die on me, one being a crappy setm and the other being the good Jensen brand of 'loop-over-the-ears-and-behind-the-head' type that I liked.

The big problem is that I listen to my music very loudyly. In the range of "... Fuck, why aren't you deaf yet?" loud. And with me being up at 2 in the morning and the rest of my family asleep, I have no other way but the headphones. Which really fucking getting to me... To the point where I might just run out to WalMart and get a new pair tonight.
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