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Final thoughts on '07. - RJ's LJ - WTF is my way of life.
I've been on the 'net longer that some of you've been ALIVE.
Final thoughts on '07.
Most of this year sucked balls. I wound up in the hole more time that I could count, got fucked around at the old store like a sonavbitch, and the Army "fun times". (Including the new one that just cropped up this week: They lost a SINGLE PIECE OF PAPERWORK, and now they say I own them nearly $3,000. Don't worry, it's getting fixed.)

The good things though: Vacation, getting the hell out of the old store to the new one, and the Yosha Wedding.

So, let's see what '08 brings. (Besides the end of those 50 state quarters thing. :P)


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From: mattcomics Date: January 1st, 2008 03:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
Glad to hear the wedding was one of the high points. ^^

We'll need to do Man Days Part Deux at some point.
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