RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

Of broken frets, sticks and fingers.

Well, I got one of the faulty guitars for Rock Band. The fret started going yesterday, and the whammy bar broke earlier tonight. So I have to await for EA to send me the box to send it back and get them to send me the new one. (I could went with the express option, where they send you the guitar first... but the also put a $125 hold on your credit card. Fuck that noise.) Luckily, the Guitar Hero 2 360 controller works with Rock Band, so I'm good until the replacement comes in.

Side note: I'm learning the drums on Rock Band now, and it reminded me of when I first got Guitar Hero: 70%-80% on easy, lucky if I four starred it. Now I played through Rock Band on the guitar on easy, and did better then 95%/five starred on all. (Save for "... And Justice For All." Goddamn, my fingers hurt even on easy. It's penance for all the MP3s I've downloaded over the years, isn't Hetfield? :P) Maybe I'll get there on drums sooner or later.
Tags: games

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