RJ Bachler (arjei) wrote,
RJ Bachler

The Halo 3 Drinking game. (aka: Another excuse to get drunk.)

This has been discussed by me and my brother while we we're playing Halo 3, and I relayed part of it to sircrowbar and the group while playing earlier tonight, but there's need to be a Halo 3 drinking game.  Now I know there is Halo drinking games out there already... but they're for the actual game play (IE: Kills, flag captures, and so forth.) and not the social interaction that one experiences. So...

The Halo 3 multiplayer Non-gameplay drinking game. (beta)

If you are teabagged in game, take a sip.
If you go up against a team of 8 in big team slayer, take a drink. Two if they're all high levels/grades.
If you WIN against said team, Jager Bomb yourself.
If someone bitches for a veto for a non-team slayer game, (Without giving a good reason) take a sip.
If someone bitches for a veto for team slayer, (Without giving a good reason) take two drinks.
(These two rules fall under the Hurst's Law to Halo 3 multiplayer.)
If someone starts razing the other team pregame, take a sip. A drink if they can sound like someone from Red Vs. Blue. Take two if they lose and leave the game. (Either before it's done, or right after it finishes.)
For every frozen player on your team, take a sip... then headshot them.
For every player that leaves for your team while you're losing, take a drink. Take three if you manage to win after they leave, then message the fuckers who left about how you won without them anyway. (Don't forget to remind them about their experience loss.)
If someone bitches about how they lost due to the map/game type, take a drink.

If anyone wants to add, feel free.
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