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I really don't fear what'll happen to me after I leave this world.

Back to making fun of religion, but a little different this time. The bible, story of creation. K1ng 1337 version. W00t.

D00d. 1st th3r3 wuz nuthin. Th3n g0d mad e th3 h34v3n and erath. It k1cked!!11!!!!. :)

& the earhet wuz dark. It wad erath beta. Versoin 0.1.0. so g0d m@de l1ght. & 1t roxxxor3d!

Then g0d netsplit the light and the darjk. And gave u the raeson fro GL0WST1CKS!!!11111!

Then g0d made teh s3a & the l@nd. And thn3 plants. KLike floewezrz, and peachse, and maryjo. THAT ROXORS! U now g0d rollz hiz owns. :P

Th3n g0d mdae the moon, sarts, and the EVLI DAYSTAR!!1!1!!! @nd he madde the son rool over the earht. He thouth it waz kewl. teh fag.

Then g0d mde animals. And t was kelw ‘cuz u hav lepord pirnt pants now. LOL. :D

D00d, th3n g0d made MAN! And gave hmi evertinhg th3er. Thn g0d axed “who’s yer dady?” amda siad u. g0d went ‘u bet, b1tch.’ Hehehehehehe.

Then g0d made chikz. Eve. She waz hawt. :9~~~~ but Adam got to bng her, the fag. Ev3's asknank n e way. >P

Them g0d cilled. Nd watchd footbAL. Raiderz kick ass. WJHOOOOOOO

Mind you, I’m Catholic and I write stuff like this. :P
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