April 23rd, 2000


Viva Elian!

[As I'm writing this, I'm on CNN.com. Up-to-date news is good.]

Elian. You know, the little Cuban kid found floating on an inner tube back around Thanksgiving who has gotten more airtime that a 767.

April 22nd, at 5:00 EDT, INS went in, got the kid, left in a matter of three minutes. Whoop-de-shit. [By the way, I missed Digimon because of this.] People, mainly Cubans down in Little Havana, are bitching that Elian was taken away for his home.

Pardon me, but the kid needs to be with his FATHER. You know, the guy, who in five seconds of pleasure made the kid. NOT the Miami family who seems to love whenever the camera's on them. [Place your bets: a book within the next 3-4 months.] Let the kid be with someone who he shares more DNA with.

As for the send back to Cuba thing... I'm officially treading the line on this. I don't want to lean one way or the other, nor do I NEED to. But if you want the kid to stay, then how about trying to figure out how to make both Elian and his old man stay here, instead of just Elian? Keep him with his dad AND in the country. Two birds, one stone.

And the raid. All I can say is it couldn't have been better executed. Five in the morning, when the least amount of people would be at the house, right smack in the middle of Good Friday and Easter Sunday, they got in, got him, got out and gone in three minutes. Smooth as silk. And if you think about it, by all technical means the Miami family did not have legal custody, so they [technically] were hold the little Cuban brat hostage. INS went in and did a 'legal' kidnapping, with little interference from the crowd.

And so you know, the Miami family was denied the right to see Elian. Just like what they did to his dad.

Irony's a bitch, ain't it?