March 14th, 2002


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Still feel like crap about my dog. It still sucks, but less than it did Friday.

But on to something else: How hard is it to read one little sign? Really, it isn't difficult. Letters -> Words -> INFORMATION. Hell, we got a shitload of signs up at my lovely (loose terminology) place of employment. There up for your information, not because it makes me feel all good inside.

And then people want to get all pissy because they choose not to read a sign and have to go deal with the crap that comes from not reading it.

Reading is fundamental, fuktard. Sign's on the doors say we don't open 'til 5:00AM; Use Night Pay Window. And I know the No Parking sign can be seen, especially since it's at eye height.

[Wants] Room on my computer for more crap: I still got a little space left. Devil's haircut: In my mind. (... Fucking random mp3 playlist.)
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