March 25th, 2002


(no subject)

I know it's the first week of spring. And it's snowing. It's chicago. We'll have snow in the middle of JULY if mother nature is have PMS. We are the weather's bitch. (<chicago{Weather}> :P)

But here's a equation for everyone:
First week of spring + snow != Drive like an idiot.

If you live here, you've just driven in the crap for the better part of four months. A couple of weeks away from it doesn't mean you let your driving skills go to pot.

Oh, and if you play Fatal Frame: It's a very good game. Just don't play it in the middle of the night, in a darkened room with the sound turned up... You'll heart will go as fast as Miku's. (Mmmm, Miku in a leather miniskirt... :9)

[Wants] Still to do frames: ... mwhahahaha. April fool's day thing: .... mwhahahahaha