May 9th, 2002


(no subject)

I have this weird hierarchy thing on what comes first in my life:

Friends & Family
The Army
Pretty much everything else.

Yeah, I'll tell my boss, my education, even the Good ol' USA to screw themselves *LONG* before I even think of screwing my family or friends over

Why'd I put that up there? Well, I read other people's LiveJournals. And I know others read this half-assed attempt at it. (But I will probably never get one, because I figure if I'm paying to keep this site running, [It's only $4.95 a month, yeah, but still. :P] might as well put something here. And I don't plan on getting one... Ya know, until I get a hypocritical moment and actually get one.) And it's seems to be rant away day or something. ;p

And the wacko with the pipe bombs was making a smiley face. O_o

[Wants] To do stuff: I'm lazy. Food: Need foooooood...