May 27th, 2002


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I feel the need to update, yet don't really want to, so here's something short I call: "The good, the bad, & the ugly."

The good: Birthday's coming up. Presents wai.
The bad: I got to go over to my mom's store tomorrow and fix her cooler. Off the clock. >_<
The ugly: Someone chipped the paint off the hood of my car with their keys. GODDAMNIT.

[Wants] To find whoever fucked with my car: Now. TO HURTMAIMKILLTHEM: NOW
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Actually, I should've posted this a year ago.</p>

This page is dead. Long live the LiveJournal.</p>

[Wants] Sleep: Now. To remember to do the [Wants] thing on the LJ: Yeah, I'll start doing it again.</p>
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