May 28th, 2002


I am WEAK.

Okay, I caved in and got a LJ. Let me first off thank and curse Jeff for planting the thought into my head and not annoying me beyond one time.

Since I'm a very odd man who if you keep on bugging me to do/get something uber-1337, like get this damned thing, I won't do it. Mainly to spite you, and because I'm reminded of all the reasons NOT to do it.

But don't bug me about it and it'll fester inside my mind. Kinda like a virus or a cheap Alien rip-off. and then I'll cave and do it. Hence this.

So, um, yeah. Check here for all the previous updates to my not-really-a-blog-oh-who-am-I-kidding-and-it-was-just-updated-a-few-hours-ago journal. I'll change all the links on my page later, and I'll start using this once I start to figure it out and play with the settings...

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I bitch about the cold enough as is, and what do I go and do on the first consecutive set of good days in the Chicagoland area?

I spend it freezing my ass off in the cooler at my mom’s store. (Oh, look, I can see my breath during May! :P )

But I promised I would do it, mainly because It need it. Took me over 4 hours, but at least you can load everything with ease and without tripping over empty skids. Feels good to do it too.

Now if I can do the same thing with my room.
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