June 26th, 2002


A minus B equals NO FREAKING C.

I know kids are taught math in school. I was taught it, the system hasn’t changed. But apparently kids aren’t getting smarter. Case in point of a girl buying a bottle of pop today:

Me: That’s a $1.35.
Her: *fishing for change, comes up short, natch.*
Me: *quick count* ... You’re short. Got nine more cents?
Her: No.
Me: *debate weather or not to let her go, which I do.* G’wan and take it.
Her: *stands there for a moment* Do I get anything back?

I know this kid’s old enough to be in school, probably the 2nd grade, therefore knows arithmetic. If you have less than the full amount, and the cashier lets you go, then the change you’re getting back is equal to the GNP of Antarctica. In other words, NOTHING.

(What I wanted to say, but held back.) Kid, you were short. Do you honestly think that you’re getting change back?
(What I did say) No.

If I wasn’t about to go on break, I probably would’ve. Geez, only 12 hours of work and I already want to be back in the woods.
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