August 1st, 2002


Con report desu.

Now that I’ve had sleep and my mind is not a pile of sludge due to mass driving, I can write my thoughts on XV-con.

Driving down… Damned cops. I was only doing 20 over. :P
And annoying insects. You dare fly in front of my car? I condemn you to death... By windshield!

Zaa Peipaa! Must get Read or Die. Side note: Miss Deep. Mmmm, leather clad booty.

God bless America and Fuck GenCorp. Est. 1777

Tim should went full Nuriko, just to break Jess even further. ;p

Taped a lot more than I did last year, especially DDR. Even though I ran out during the Argonizing and missed a good chunk while I ran to get more. ;_;

Party Central did its job. And got trashed in the process. Note to self: Bring a huge trashcan next year. Those mini ones in the rooms suck.

Who didn’t read and/or see Angelic Layer?

One question: Am I the minor god of hooking shit up? :P

I won at least one fighting game against Jeff. Right before I got mercilessly pummeled into the ground.

Iczer-3. All I can say is... The fuck?

N’Sync and the Vampires killed Kou. And I barley survived a half a page at best.

Fuck you Christiansburg Chamber of Commerce. :P

Sins of the Sister: Ye old "Ooooohhh, I get to break Jeff’s mind with this! ^-^" thing. It’s becoming tradition for me to do it and I don’t know if I’ll be able to top myself next year.

I’ll add stuff later, after I hook my shit back up. Most of the con has become blurred as is anyway.