August 31st, 2002


Welcome to Gas City: Alsip. Leave your sacred cows at the door.

My co-workers and I tend to make fun of pretty much anything while at work: the news, the prices, customers, and even each other. (While yanking out every sterotype in the books) And where we’ll just be able to connect things just because we can. Like tonight, where a co-worker, who is Hispanic, was… well, I’ll do it like this:

Pondering getting a tattoo > her 8 month old kid getting a tattoo > kid getting an Aztec tattoo > kid getting an Aztec mural on stroller > stroller having the usual bass pumping stereo system > the PBS remix.

Like I said, we use every-single-one in the books. But here’s a list of the PBS/preschool shows remixes we came up with:

Sesame Street theme (DJ Oscar – Dirty Trash Can remix)
Sesame Street theme (Big Bird livin’ in an alley remix)
Dora the Explorer (Crossing the Border remix)
Barney (I love you [Old skool] remix)
Mr. Rogers (Ride da trolley remix)
Mr. Rogers (Speedy Delivery Remix)
Blues Clues (Paw Printz/Who let the dawgs out? remix)
Bob the Builder (Can we mix it? Yes we f’in’ CAN. remix)
Sagwa (Ancient Fist of the Kitty Technique remix)

If you want to add, (Or do any of these if they don’t already exist) go right ahead.

(And before anyone bitches: Is it really racism if the other person/party doesn’t care?)