September 1st, 2002


'I need to use the bathroom.' 'We don't have a public restroom.' 'But I have to use your bathroom.'

After screwing around upstairs all day, (Re: fixing my brothers room and then passing out on the couch for about two hours.) I can finally update on my Saturday night...

... Which was a very stark contrast to last week. No, I didn’t lose twenty bucks. The intelligence level of the customers though was along the lines of ‘nnngraarghaldyfuk. >_<’ It took me nearly five minutes and god knows how many times of saying ‘We don’t have a public restroom.’ before one lady got it.

(Side note info: We do have public restrooms, HOWEVER, they are inside the store. The store gets locked up from 11pm to 5am and everything is run through a night pay window, thus making anything and EVERYTHING inside the store inaccessible to the public, including the restrooms. I.e.: Non-public accessible restroom = no public restrooms. Deal with it.)

In other news: Playing Super Mario RPG right now. Will get to The Arc Collection right after. (So I don’t get it from Chibi and Alex. ;p)
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