September 12th, 2002


An update. Otherwise the terrorists will win.

One of the things I haven’t told my friends (my family knew about it) was that after I finally got through to my USAR unit on Sept 12, 2001, (they were going to call me within the next half hour anyway) that I, along with a lot of others, had volunteered to go to New York. But unfortunately Army Command said no, which was a good thing. My Mission Operation Specialty (MOS) is chemical/nuclear/biological, so when the anthrax started, I was better off here in Chicago. (Though nothing big happened here.)

And just to prove that at least my place of ye ol’ employment is back to normal, we had a little fun with the phrase ‘the terrorists will win!’ Like when the main office sent down a fax saying people could wear red, white & blue stuff instead of the regular red shirt, we all did it, save for our assistant manager who wanted to be special. And wore his normal uniform. So naturally, I had to say something:

... Why aren’t you wearing anything patriotic? If you don’t, the terrorists will win!

And this works in almost any situation, like:
But mom, if I clean my room, the terrorists will win!
If I don’t sit back in the hammock and drink this beer, the terrorists will win honey.
If I don’t get porn from the net, the terrorist will win!

Oh, and here ya go.

What's Your Anime Power?

Like I said, back to normal. Otherwise the terrorists might win.