September 20th, 2002


This is GMAC. Do you want lube before we help you?

Instead of having to send out a check every month, I set up to have my car payments directly taken out of my bank account automatically. But since my car payment's due on the third of every month, I sent a check off to GMAC last month.

Then I got the notice that direct debit was set up on the fourth. And, of course, August is my bad money month, so I had to put a stop payment on the check. August's payment went through without a hitch. But the stop payment (Which I did call them about before do it.) somehow fuxxxored their system and put the direct debit on hold.

So natuarlly, I didn't know about this. I thought they were sitting on their ass, waiting to take it out at the end of the month. (God knows why.) until I got another notice about the payment now being late.

So after fucking around with GMAC on the phone for a while, they will hopefully take the late charge off, and then call again to reactivate the direct debit on Monday.

... Now back to Kindom Hearts. Sorry Alex, Chibi, but it has my soul. ¬_¬
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