October 8th, 2002


Odd little post.

It's a quarter after one in the morning and I'm in the mood for buffalo wings. And I don't know why and I don't have the money to get any.

And yes, that icon is part of the C-ko's pic. Damn you yet again Jeff for being hellva accurate with everyone. :P

URGETNT!!! i n33d h3lp d00d! plzthx

Okay, it's my day off and I feel like a helpful little sod, so I'm going through the LJ support requests. But there is few things that bug me.

One is that the fact that the majority of the questions posted, whether they remain open or get closed before someone can post a comment or solution, can be easily found in the FAQ. I read the FAQ so many damned times before creating my journal, and many more times when creating svam that it hurts and stings. :P It's not that hard, it just takes time.

Two is alot of the posters to support don't want to follow the recommended posting procedure of "Please be as detailed and intelligent in your summary and the explanation of the problem." You get the "URGENT!!! Why cant i upl0ad muz1c?!? u n33d to f1x it!" 1337 script-kiddiese type.

Three is people who close without getting answer or giving the point or points for posting to support. I know guys like sherm and rahaeli don't really need the points, and there's over five thousand points separating the #1 spot from the #10 spot... But goddammit, I like competition. :P

Ah well, enough bitching. Back to the boards. ^^
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...... MONKEY!

Where's my moose?

You are G.I.R! Your duties are to assist your Irken lord Zim in his mission of doom, to find your next taco and to watch The Scary Monkey Show.

That horrible monkey...

The knowledge fills you!
It is neat!

Take The Mighty Invader Zim Test!

The weird thing is that my mom brought home Taco Bell right when I was taking this test.

And yes, I'm testing yet another grab from a comic. This time it's damn you Trey. :P
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