October 22nd, 2002


Suggestion to all morning drivers.

You people mind not driving like fucking morons at 7:30 in the morning? I know you have to get to where ever god damned quick, but the way you drive, it's going to kill someone, and I don't want to be that someone.

Yes, I had someone cut me off today, along with other crap. No, I didn't get raod rage. I got road annoyance though. (Brights in the rearveiw mirror of the ass. and on said fuckers ass for the better part of two miles. :P
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Hey, she's my niece, not my kid. :P

Went to the mall, got a CodeBreaker for ye ol' PS2, and stopped at ye' ol video store #whatever-it-is-god-there-too-many-here. and got Street Fighter V - Vol. 2 and the Live Action Scooby movie for my niece.

Now when I got home, the frst thing I do is show my niece what I got her. She then goes and shows her mom. Which in turn gets me the stare of death and "Great, now she'll be watch THIS 12 times a day. Bastard." But she's my niece, not my kid. So I can spoil here and not have to deal with the long term effects. :P

I love being an uncle. I truly do. >D