October 28th, 2002


Bite me Capcom. :P

You ever stay up much later than you were supposed to because an idea popped into your head and would not d3i because you had to write the damned thing down or something?

Well the fighting game thing I mentioned in my journal a while back came back... WITH A VENGENCE. :P

My idea is more on the mechanics. (Is that right? :P) IE, you can have choices. And a bit on the super/rage system.

First, mechanics. When you start the game, you be hit with a couple of choices, like in the MvC series.

First choice would be game balance. Would it be equal terms or do your own thing with the game mechanics. (IE, do both players use equal amount of fighter(s) and/or a striker?)

Next would game mechanics. Do you use one, two, or three characters? Do you use strikers or not? I'll break down the choices and whatnot.

Choice of only one character: The next options would be the choices of a striker or none and how many rounds to fight for. (Best of 1, 3, or 5.)

Choice of two characters: Options: Choices of a separate striker, use the other character, or none and to be able to switch between characters or not. (IE: Like MvC or KoF.)

Choice of three characters: Options: Use one or both of the other characters as strikers, or neither and switching characters in play. Pre-made team option can be accessed at the character selection screen.

Playing with two or three characters will default to the MvC or CvS style of "Kick all of your opponent's characters’ asses and you win."

Character selection: Basic character selection screen. If the striker option was selected, the striker highlight would be a different color. If three characters were selected, then pre-made teams would appear to left. (Right for second player.)

The game would consist of the usual eight to ten fights.

The Super/Rage system. The super and rage bars are at the bottom of the screen; each filling in it’s own way. Super bar would be the usual Street Fighter three level deal, filling as you land hits on you opponent or block hits from them. The rage bar would fill as your hits get blocked, or the opponent lands his/hers. Landing a hit/successful blocking would drop the rage meter, but a blocked hit/being hit wouldn’t drop the super. Thus making it hard to combo in normal into a rage super. (Unless the other guy was blocking the whole time. :P)

However, when the rage bar is filled, it would automatically bump off the super bar and take up both portions, thus not allowing super moves to be used in rage mode. And the rage super should be something not damned impossible, but not easy to pull off.

I kinda also want to use the partner bar like in Rage of the Dragons, so you can't easily switch between partners/use strikers as much as you could in the MvC games, plus a team super bar as you could pull off a team super.

I'm just trying to find some balance for this. Plus a little of me trying to make it hard for scrubs and Cable using bastards. (God damn Magnus, leave the boy alone!)

And here are my feeble attempts at concept drawings of the to status bar and relevant crap, and the bottom super and rage bar. Note, my artistic skills suxxx0rz and these are just prelims. I need cleaner versions and I don’t have anything for the partner/team super bar since I thought them up after drawing them. :P



Comments and criticism welcome. Changes will probably follow, but I’m tired right now and my syntax is going to hell right now and my thoughts are getting lost in the jumble of insomnia. :P
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