November 20th, 2002


The return of "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly!"

The good: I have 11 DVDs and 2 box sets sitting next to me, unwatched. This is very good.

The bad: I've been in this "Don't wanna play video games OR watch anime." funk for about the past month. (Which is WHY I have so many DVDs to watch.) I kinda want it to end so I can watch all 25-30 hours worth of stuff and finish WA3 and start on LoL 2.

The ugly: My computer's now over five years old, and it's starting to show. I can't really upgrade it anymore; all the bays are filled and I maxed out on the RAM. I'm going to see if I can't make a deal with my mom to let my brothers have this one (After purging the HDs, of course. They can get their own pr0n. ;P) in exchange for a new one.

Now, off to work.
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