November 24th, 2002


Playing with the homepage..

After going over my site and fixing random crap, I thought about moving my "Goddamit, it's not a LJ! Really!" thoughts/journal page over here, just to have everything in one spot.

Probably'll have to backdate the entries though, as so they won't spam up anyone's friends' page.

Something to do later.

One-freaking-hundredth entry. :P

I've done a hundred entries in this thing now, which does included public, friends only, and private. And in only under a half a year. :P

So, like I said in my last post, here's the "Oh dear god, it WAS a freaking LJ. ;_;" journal from my page, with minor spellchecking. And the last update on it was... less than a half hour before creating this one.

... Jeff, I need to curse you to hell again. :P

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And my Anime watching funk seems to be over, so to the DVD's!

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