December 20th, 2002


Note to anyone with... retaliation via ninja or anything else in mind. ¬_¬

Please use either the or the livejournal email addys. I don't know if the addy will chew it up and spit it out right into the trash bin. (Though the LJ addy forwards it straight to the addy, and doesn't do that.)

(That is one of the reasons I like the addy. I do get everything of importance that I need/want, (I think) and I have yet to recieve on piece of spam. But it's best to be safe. ^^)

Ninja romp.

I don't know why, but I'm on this "Send a ninja (Or Ninja Burger) via e-mail to people" thing as of late.

Maybe because I finally got off my ass to clear out my bookmark/favorite files and saw both Ninja Dispatch and Ninja Burger sitting somewhere on the list, and decided to give Dispatch on more go. And this is my fourth ninja, and the first one to survive the first mission, so all is wai.


"A ninja has successfully assassinated you. (By a poisoned dart. Saw the movie.) You are dead."

... Well fuck me.

Damn you Crowbar! Damn you to hell! (BTW: Retaliation shall be swift and just. And from the grave. :P)