February 3rd, 2003


How soon? You could time it on a stop watch.

Weee, I've been reassigned to one of the other Chem companies in our battalion. (along with the rest of the 342nd.) So if you hear anything about the 379th out of Chicago, that be me. :P

I have to drop of the mass majority of my uniforms (Save for one) Wednesday. By 8 am Thursday, I'll be on my way up to Minnesota to have all my lovely paperwork and whatnot done. (No Alex, I won't be able to stop by. :P) I'll be back sometime Saturday night. After that, it's all up in the air.

Biggest problem right now: School and if I can get my money back if I do go.

Right now I'm seing how much anime I can watch before my brain explodes.

Deployment is so close that I can smell it's breath. It needs a Tic-Tac. :P

I'll cycle mp3s later tonight.

More cards.

I think I might be running out of steam for the cards. Hopefuly it'll be a temporary thing.


With missing ear for Uno. :P

Insert meme here. :P

(M) for Messiah. (Slightly crappy edit though -_-;;)

I don't feel I did a good job on these though. That the reason why I feel like I might be out of it for doing the CFC sprites right now. But until then, base cards and the letters and numbers for the CFC cards, in case you want to make your own.

CFC 1 card base
CFC 2 card base
Action card base
Reaction card base
Numbers and HP/SP