February 8th, 2003


You money. Now. Via your taxes.

Got back from Minnesota. And I realized a few things I hate.

I hate paperwork.
I hate anyone wearing a red tag.
I hate the cold. Expecially when you in the coldest place in the country for that day.
I hate going WAY south first before heading north.
I hate "ghetto" buses that have a TV held up by duct tape and never constant heat.
I hate myself for not going to The Mall of America(tm). (Sleep vs. a five minute travel time to the Mall. Sleep won.)

I like the fact that the Army paid for the hotel. Comfort Inns aren't that bad. Not the tops, but not bad.
I like the fact said hotel had an Outback added on to it. (Onion Blossoms r00l j00.)
I like the fact that I got home earlier than expected.
I like the fact I'll get a nice fat amount of cash for this. :P

All in all, a normal Army thing. :P
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