March 25th, 2003


Family matters.

My mom comes home from work and we talk about random thing for a bit. I like to believe that I have a good raporte (Is that the right word, or even spelling?) with my mom, sans when it does degrade into stupid bickering and yelling. But she mentions something that does perk my intrest:

"Oh, by the way, AOL sent me something about your brother."

I don't even have to really guess on what AOL sent her, but go and look anyway. Y'know, for shits and giggles. And, of course, it's a letter regarding a TOS violation. (In a AOL Pokemon chatroom, and I quote: "XXXXX YOU SUCK NIGGA DICK". Niiiiice.)

So I, within two minutes of reading that, have the parental controls up and have busted the little dicktard's chat room accessiblity down to locked out from all AOL chats. Even though it's my parents' responsibility to punish him later on, this'll kill any chance of it happening again.

And I found out that my brothers have been reading my little LJ here. I'm not going to make this a friends only journal. I really don't care for most of the people who read my journal. My brothers are different, and the way I'll keep them from reading this will be through negative physical renforcement. (aka: Older brother beat-downs, as dictated in the unwritten laws of sibling abuse.) ^-^