June 16th, 2003


"Call the cops!" "I'll call the cops!" "... why are you people in front of my store?"

Well, you know it's a fun night at work when you have to call the cops because some kid was throwing eggs at apssing cars, and one of his "victims" stops and puts the dumbfuck in a headlock and drags him over to the window. Said dumbfuck's brother & freinds come to his aid. (With a bat! Joy.) It would take too long to explain, and since I didn't see what was going on, save until they all were in front of my store, I'm just glad nothing more than a couple of cops were needed.

Had to put down my GBA though. Dammit, I was going good through the Mars lighthouse in Golden Sun 2 too. >_<

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By the way: There is an Illinios State specialty plate out there that is, and I bullshit not, "XD". God, they actually spent $300+ bucks for it. (Specialty/Vanity plates are hellva expensive here. My US Military Reservist plates were less though. :P)

... And dammit AIM, stay stable. >_