August 8th, 2003


War Jouranl #9: Other crap I forgot to mention in the last few posts.

Ye old web page past the 10,000 hit mark on July 21st. (According to the SiteMeter.)

The PX in Ft. Polk had a pay internet terminal in it. (Before I found the phone center. :P) But it had an atou-blocker that prevented anyone from seeing naughty stuff, so I couldn't see my LJ freinds page. You people swear too much. :P (Oh, dh01, it wouldn't even let me see you BIO page. :P)

... So to make sure no one can see this from there: Fuck. Fucking fuckedy fucking fuckers. :P

The town around the fort apprently has not died off since it's been pushed down to inactive status. Now it looks like Orland Park. (Or for you non-Chicagoians, pick your closest town that's pretty much commercial up the ass. :P)

Memes that have started up since this all this has began: "Put it in your mouth" "Da Bears" "Ditka vs (Whomever)..." "You have to respect his/hers/yours/the gansta" "You got to play with his cock and balls" (Along with alot of others too.)

I have gotten in more time playing with my GBA here than at work. (Shut up Jeff. :P) Almost beaten MegaMan Battle Network 3: Blue, Advance Wars 2, and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow.

Hopefully next week I be able to get more time to use the computers here.