August 31st, 2003


War Journal Entry #12: Free Time, Part 2.

The only time I can check anything on the internet now is on the hotel computer during my own free time/pass. And on AOL too. (I want my freaking high-speed internet, dammit. >_<)

However, the VERY FIRST thing I buy when I get back home is a new computer. Nagha's six year old now, and it can't play some of the newer games coming out now. The very first thing I *DO* will be sleeping and jack shit.

I'm getting steak tonight. This I vow. (... must stop doing that vow crap. :P)

Here, I'm going to try and start a meme. This is what I have done. Have you? (Try and top me. :P)

Have you spent five days out in the woods, with no shower, no sleep, and genrally pissed off? I did.
Have you slept in an air conditioned tent? I have.
Have you, while playing something like laser tag or with paintball guns, been hit with the magical JFK bullet, even though you were protected and now way it could hit you? I have been. (And it bounced off my head and killed someone else. Who was also not in the line of fire. What. In. The. Holy-mother-of-everything. FUCK?)
Have you highstepped (actually, highRAN) in grass that was at least up to your knees because someone went into shock? Collapse )

And note to self: finish off cameras, send to WalMart, get pics on paper and CD. Will show you people some of the stuff I go through for almost $700 a week. :P