October 12th, 2003


War Journal Entry #17: NOW PLAYING: Condo from the 70's!

Yes, the government of the United States of America is currently burning you tax dollars to give me my own *furnished, 1 bedroom, full bath condo* (a timeshare thing, or something like it.) for the two some months I'll be down here. The only tiny problem is... Well, you can tell an old lady owns this place, because the bedroom is straight out from the 70's. But I sleep on the couch, so it's not bugging me all that much.

Also on "per diem", which means I have to buy and cook my own food until I leave. But that's a good thing. I will become Iron Chef Army! ;p

And as I said in the last entry, I got a new laptop. (Actually, my first. :P) A nice HP Pavilion ze4325. Payed less than a grand (Thank you US military PX. :P) and probably will be abusig the fuck out of it until I get home. (And get the new tower, Lina, to replace Naga. And the laptop is named Filia. Yes, I name my computers after Slayers character. :P) Too bad I'm stuck on dial-up again. Menh.

Teaching some people to play video games. kinda have to cheat, since the game (Te game being GTA:VC) is kickng our ass. And dammit, I *LIKE* blowing shit up.

[Wants]: Faster net access. Need pr0n.