October 19th, 2003


War Journal Entry #18: Rusted Tweesers with Teeth.

... You know, don't even ask.

Anyway, kinda have to stay up tonight. The majority of the crap I have to do now is all at night. (Like 6pm-6am night. :P) It's nothing new to me, seeing how I have worked ye ol' fuckton of midnights at work. And plus I'm looking at weekends off starting (hopefully) next week.

I'm also apprently an evil bastard because a few other people went to the Base Exchange to get the same laptop the I got. However, hey we sold out of them, (Along with any other laptop priced under $1200, which was about 3 or 4 kinds.) and aren't getting another shippment of these in again. (Hey, YOU try finding a store bought, major name laptop for under a grand.) Though I will be bringing this out in the field as so I have something to pass the time while I'm not either in the Hummer or running around. (Even though I can get text messages or phone calls out there. I do have at least one bar while I'm out there. Don't even try it Trey.) :P

And dammit, I need a good recipe for chicken breasts. Per Diem rules, but I must expand my Iron Chef skills to beyond minor stuff like tuna helper and ramen. :P
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