December 4th, 2003


War Journal Entry #33: The things I've learned from being in put in the cold.

I should've kept track of how cold it was, but my mind was kinda locked on 'dearest fucking god, it's cold. Get it done, get frozen ass into warm place.' Just caught how cold it was once in a while. :P

But anyway, how damned cold it was:

Concrete can get freezer burn.

A GBA: SP will still work in the most extremest of colds, but Army equipment stopped working about a couple days before hand.

Any, and I mean ANY moisture on your shoes/boots/whatever will freeze instantly to a floor.

It is true: Wind chill makes a difference. But at certain temps, you ain't thinking about that.

10w30 become jello. Black jello, albiet, but still jello.

Forget metal. Don't stick your tounge to ANYTHING.

I, however, did catch how cold it was when I left the chamber today: 30 below. (So anyone who bitches about how cold it is (Incuding myself), I have one thing to say, and don't take it the wrong way, but STFU.)