December 9th, 2003


War Journal Entry #36: Back to the land of the disconnected. :P

In a few hours, I'll once again be headed back to Ft. Polk, LA. Where the internet access will be damned well near non-existant, unless I use that blocks-every-bad-word-out-there pay computer thing at the PX, or I can get to the phone/internet center. Both of which might be highly damned unlikely since I'll be demobalizing.

But hopefully by this time next week, I'll be back home in Chicago. Maybe not HOMEhome, due to crap we have to do up at the unit before being fully released to go actually home. (But that won't stop me from getting my parents to get my truck up to me. :P)

And if you have to get a hold of me, (or just want to annoy the hell out of me, like Trey. :P) cell phone number is posted, (protected - certain freinds only. :P) or use the text messaging thing on my bio page.

- RJ, The last name is Bachler. (For those who didn't know. ;p)