April 20th, 2004


Playing with Google reminded of Army stuff.

First: http://www.goarmyreserve.com/training/bdftx.jsp

My company, though it's one of the St Louis' platoons. (But, goddamit, it should've been mine. We kicked the ass of the training company that put us through those FTXs. Both literally AND physically. >P)

[EDIT: http://www.goarmyreserve.com/ps/training/mpdone.jsp <- This is where I drill, until the center closer to home is finished with the reconstruction. But... WTF? Is GoArmy.com following my unit, but doesn't want to get near us? :P]

But that has also reminded me that I'm almost at the end of my original contract with the US Army. It runs for eight years, and at year seven (Which will be next month for me.) you have the option to renew your contract for another X amount of years. (Actually, you can do that up until the very end of the contract, but they generally start bugging you at seven.)

So right now I'm debating weather or not to renew for a few more years. Yeah, more money, more stuff, and suck are factors, but there are two factors that will make my decision.

Now we, the Chicago Detachment, are supposed to be put back into the 88th RSC and start a whole new BIDS company in Oct '05. Now I don't know if it's calendar year Oct '05, or fiscal year Oct '05. (Which would be Oct '04.) Now that really doesn't matter to me. However, I want to know if it does happen, since we're already trained on the systems, if we will get the 180 days or better to help train the new platoons. Because 180 days = Full education benefits. Which means I don't have to pay for school, and I can rape abuse fucking slaughter also have the Montgomery GI Bill to give me extra money. (Extra cash in wallet = TEH 2 GUD! ;p) And those are my deciding factors: Starting the new company and the 180 days.

Bah, I'll ask the full timers next month. Hopefully it'll swing they way I want it to.