April 30th, 2004


Money money money...

This post in customers_suck made me go digging through my safe for all the currency that I've had handed to me by customers over the years.

This is everything I've kept:
  • A 1934-A $20

  • A $2 United States Note (red stamp)

  • Three $1 silver certificates (blue stamp)

  • A bicentennial quarter

  • A bicentennial half-dollar

  • A bicentennial silver dollar

  • A buffalo nickle

  • Two silver dimes

  • A Mercury head dime

  • Six silver quarters

  • A Standing Liberty quarter

  • A mis-stamped Rhode Island quarter (It didn't get the silver covering on the head side, but Washington's head was still stamped on.)

  • A fake '84 quarter

  • Five silver half-dollars

  • A silver Peace dollar

  • Two silver Morgan dollars

Now I'll notice off the bat when an odd ball coin or note will come into my hand. It looks, feels, and sounds different. But why oh why don't these idiots realize they handing over something worth more than face value?

... Oh well, screw them. It's mine now. :P

<stupid side note> The last two coins look like the coin Two-Face uses to make his decisions. </stupid side note>
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