May 22nd, 2005


Productive - (verb): To bust one's ass off.

Thursday: Haul my ass up to Arlington Heights to get reenlisted for a bit, (3 months) until my back problem is cleared, and I can get a pass on the run part of the PT test. (Bad back is causing my to twist and crap on the run, which is fucking up my run time a lot.) Then I can re-up for 3 more years. (And a $7500 bonus. :P)

The 88th RSC (I'm 89 RSC) retention NCO didn't want to go through any loopholes, so he just wanted to kick my ass out.

Well, me and the people in my platoon don't play that shit. Sooo....

Friday: I drive down to St Louis in the GMC '01 Jimmy of Much Interstate Speeding to reenlist with loopholes. Done so, and it cost my $90+ to get down there. (Fucking gas.) Will rape use the system wisely to get much more money back.

Saturday: Usual drill shit desu~

Today: Had off from the USAR because of Thursday and another day last month when I came in. Got new tires today for the truck. $500+ dollars gone. (It's a SUV. And the way I drive, I need good tires.)

All this, and now I have to get my plates renewed, my driver's license renewed, my emissions test done, and my village sticker renewed in the next couple of weeks.

Wheeee. :P