August 31st, 2005


Let the (non-weather) crap from Katrina begin!

Gas, last night, around my house: $2.729

Gas NOW: $3.259

Yes, this is Chicagoland gas prices too, the highest in the nation. But we're also expecting a double jump. (IE: One jump in the morning, one in the afternoon/evening.) Which is the reason we filled up all the cars and all the gas cans (just in case) before it happend.

... So, if the first jump was 53 cents, care to guess what the next one will be?

... Fuck it, poll time!
Poll #562279 Prepare for rapedage!
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How bad are gas prices going to get?

Enh, you worry to much.... You damned SUV driver.
Maybe a bit more, but not 70's energy crisis bad
Everyone say it now: $4 a gallon.
Just bend over, bitch, and prepare to receive!
Watch me be Mentok the Mind Taker here...

So Mentok, what will the price be? Oooooweeeeooooo....