September 24th, 2005


Rita on CNN, and the LASER test.

I was the only person to ace the written test for the new system. Fear my knowledge on lasers, for lasers kick you ass and you know it.

Of course since I did a 100% on the test, the higher-ups have put me in the CP to draw pretty lines on the map for the lasers systems.

In other words: I'm a TOC bitch. ;p


Anderson Cooper is in Beaumont, TX, which is currently being hit by the hurricane's eye wall. And he's out-fucking-side.

Anderson Cooper is an insane man.

I'm going to watch 360 more often. :P

(And hotel wifis still sucks.)

[EDIT @ 0131 MDT: Okay, most of the CNN reporters are insane. Because most are, apprently, insane enough to stand outside in a Cat 3.]