December 21st, 2005


Oh, where have I been...

Rearranging the room and cleaning it, that's where. A process the took 5+ days to do. The only minor things I have left to do is fix a box of comics and get a bin full of garbage out of the room. But I have found stuffage when I cleaned out the closet of I-haven't-been-in-there-in-two-years. Mostly porn and my missing Ranma TPB, but other things too.

Most of my old gaming magazines. Some advertising the "soon to be released" and "A first look at!" for the PS2, and another with a mini-guide for the newly released Chrono Trigger and another for Mortal Kombat 2. Some of the systems covered (as stated on the cover) were "N64, PSX, Saturn, Gameboy, PC."
Some Wizard comic magazine with backstage look at the first X-men movie, and the re-release of Akira, among other things.
And... Well, I'll take a picture of it. 'tis glorious, but I am unsure if it still works...

Actually, I hope to get picture of the entire room, if I can get either of the digital cameras away from my sister.

Oh, and Happy Yule/Winter Solstice!