March 30th, 2006

yeah and?

Minor non-spoilerly first round thoughts on Kingdom Hearts 2.

Went double defense for this game. (KH1: Defense up, ditched magic. KH2: Defense up, defensive abilities come around quicker.)

Sora, get out of those short pants. You cannot summon a giant robot anyway, so why even bother being in them?

Orginal style Goofy and Donald rules. Hell, the entire Steamboat Willie part rules.

The CGI for the non-cartoon based character is a wedding banquet platter full of fucking awsome.

Press the button to the beat of the music... Oh fuck, Disney Disney Revolution's been incorporated into KH2. (Kinda sorta. :P)

Revamped Gummi ship battles. They are made of win.

o/` Hey there, Hi there, Ho there. You're as welcome as can be! M-I-C-K-E-Y--M-O-U-S-E!
It's going to be stuck in your head. FOREVER. (Mickey Mouse! Donald Duck!)
... That or the Winnie the Pooh theme.

Had fun with one boss. Drive, limit, bash/reaction to build drive bar back up. Repeaedt until dead. TOO EASY.

16 hours in, 9 worlds (7 + 2 inside those) uncovered. More later.


KH2: Sora+Roxas slash is out there. I don't have to look for it, I just have a feeling that it already exists. (And I mean from slash writers who have only seen/played the US version. I know ones who seen/played the Japanese version probably have them out already. :P)

CN picks up Bleach for part of their new '06-'07 anime. I predict several fannish squeals from around the world, probably a couple from sailormac. ;p

Some people know about this, but it's fun to watch stupidity spiral into utter insanity: Jack Thompson, lawyer who wants to take on & down video games, trolls gamepolitics. Like A LOT. Hell, he's not only ban evading the ones put on by gamepolitics, but the ones put on by LiveJournal. (His first ten accounts were suspended. Yes, 10.) Sweet Jesus, he sucks as a lawyer if he can't even follow a simple TOS.

Now, back to KH2.