July 30th, 2006


"Should I push the button?" "Actually, we WANT you to push it." "... Kick. ASS."

Well, in about a hour, I leave for the shuttle bus up to O'Hare to go back to Utah to, once again, break experimental military stuff.

And they pay me to do this. Mwhahahahaha.

Anyway, unless the wireless around the TOC has been fixed as so I can look up more than CNN, (Of course, The prerequisite of me BEING in the TOC again needs to be there) I'll be back around August 26th.

Note to SVAM/EWIC/#C-ko-ers: I'll have the con videos up after I get back. (The window of opportunity of doing them between Octacon and Utah was just a bit to small.) I did, however, get the Search Engine video uploaded on to SSL. (In movies, under SVAMcon 2006.)