September 18th, 2006

sex - Rei

Does this put them above IGN? Or at least GameFAQs?

Now I know there has been print ads with quotes and praises from a certain periodical . Hell, I've seen the ads in the same magazine. But this is just a bit bigger.

I was watching Raw, (Yeah, watching wrestling. Shaddap.) and seen the new Dead Rising commercial. You know, the one with after the game comes out and has all the praises on it, (like movies do) and the usual big names were listed. However, one name did catch my eye:

Hardcore Gamer. Didn't catch the praise quote though.

... So what's the next level after this? Hardcore Gamer misquoted by someone trying to ban video games? Made fun of in webcomics from a review that didn't mesh with them? Blatant product placement in TV and movies? Or selling out to one game company to shamelessly pimp a product? ;p