October 5th, 2006


Initial Wild ARMs thoughts 4 and GIP.

GIP (Gratuitous Icon Post): Because I just added a fuckton, including changing the default. Mostly more Himehagi Yu and Lisa from eX-Driver, but a couple of Aeris from VGCats are mixed in there too. (Mainly for if I ever get back to writing/finishing some Tales of the Past to post over on customers_suck and such.)

I just wish I could add more to the MSTLJ icon's comments though. :P

Wild ARMs 4: They changed the formula.
Hex system: Okay, I do kinda like this. I can now play keep-away (and have it work somewhat) with my magic casters and healers and have my attackers up close. But the lay points bug me, since now you don't have control over elemental magic, and there's a 25% chance that magic an enemy is weak against won't be there. (Unless there's a way to change it later on.) Or the enemy will park themselves right over the one you need.

Intro: ... What, no more "Everyone gets their own intro and you must play through them all to get to the actual game"? Awwwww...

And I know I've been on the 'net too long now. As soon as I was done with the intro and the opening movie, the first though running through my head was "There's probably so much Jude/Arnaud OTP crap out there it would choke a 56k modem."

Oh, tracker mode from the start? Fuck yes.

Overworld map: No more searching for insane little shit, or praying your close enough to the dungeon for the detector to pick it up. ("Oh I'm sorry, but you only have 99% of the map done" Bite me, sidequest.)

Towns: No more "I'm god, looking down upon you." overhead mode. Which isn't bad, but I like being able to see what the fuck was behind something. But you have to trade something for the non-chibified look. (And kickass art for the NPC.)

Oh, and no more running in and ransacking someone's house. They did away with that RPG cliche. (But has already followed 5 of the first 6.) Now you get a mini cut/talk scene, then get booted back out.

Dungeons: Same as the towns with no more looking down at you, but now a mix of 3D and 2.5D, depending on where you are. Definite platformer vibe going on in 2.5 mode.

Oh, and double jump rules. (The move, not the strategy guides. Double Jump guides rule because they are made from pure distilled awesomeness. And Tokidoki's an idiot.)
(Check will be in usual place, da lynxara and kouaidou? ;p)

And finally, as I'm becoming incoherent, Raquel: To quote Metal Gear Awesome: Oh my god Hotness, I want to bang you. (With my sandwich. ;p)