February 4th, 2007


Hey, I've been here before...

That last time this happened, I was six. I was in the first grade. The thing to own was a Nintendo. (The 8-bit version.) In my immediate family, girls outnumbered the boys 3-2. The Internet was still Al Gore's wet dream. Microsoft had just released Windows 1.0 a few months prior. The cold war was still on, Iran-Contra affair hadn't crept up yet, Israel had begun withdrawing troops from Lebanon the year prior, and Halley's Comet was coming around.

Yes, 1986. When the Bears won Super Bowl XX.

Now, I'm 27. I've done ten years for the Army. The thing to own is still a Nintendo. (Wii.) Boys now outnumber the girls in my family 4-3, and one of those will be old enough to legally drink this year. The Internet helps people communicate and masturbate. Microsoft has just released Vista. The war on terror and Iraq is on, the Iraq study group has been ignored by the top dog, Israel has begun withdrawing troops yet again from Lebanon last year, and Comet McNaught is going away. And the Bears are in Super Bowl XLI.

And the more things change...


Well, Bears lost. I could say what went wrong... Rex. However, the Colts and Manning's do deserve the trophy, and the MVP award, I just wish it wasn't on our backs.

The commercials... were fucking insane. Budweiser, Coca-Cola, and Frito-Lay doing some good ones, with help from outside sources. The ones that stick out in my mind the most: The Ultraman parody, the Coke black history timeline, and they brought back the Blockbuster pet store animals. I could've done without the car ads though, or GoDaddy. (Same shit, different year.)

One plus for the Bears though: Devin Hester is guaranteed a permanent spot in Super Bowl history with the first ever opening kick-off returned for a touchdown.

Now I need some sleep, and hopefully Robert Goulet won't fuck my shit up.

... And to use a north side excuse: Wait 'til next year.