February 21st, 2007


The good, the bad, and... the fuck?

The Good, sorta: Monday, Feb 19th was my last day in the US Army. (For now.) I've been in for almost ten years, and I need to take the time to get some personal shit done. They put me in the IRR though, to make it easier to get back.

The Bad, really: The alternator on the truck may be shot. If it is, then the total repairs might be in the $500+ range. With the deer incident in October, and the last bit of medical bills that need to get paid... The get-together in Cali may not be doable. I'll be sure come June though.

... The fuck, what?: Yesterday, I got an e-mail from the Army saying I was set up for WLC/PLDC. (E-5/Sergent's school. :P) Mind you, I got out a day earlier.

... Yeah. Good job on the paperwork there boys. I won't be missing that aspect of the job.