November 2nd, 2008


..... O_o

... The fuck?

Okay, even RealClearPolitics has it the same way.

Arizona, the home state of McCain, is now considered to be a toss-up. He has the lead, but with the margin of error it has become close enough to put it there.

Just to give y'all on how big this could be: The last time the GOP candidate lost their home state, yet won the election was Nixon in '68. The last time they lost the home state AND the election was Dewey in '44. (The infamous "Dewey defeats Truman" deal.)

But the GOP may have given up on this year's election and are starting to work on future ones by brainwashing, er, fucking over, um, PERSUADING kids with candy to vote Republican next time. (Or the lady's probably a dumb cunt. Either or.)