November 3rd, 2008


Launch every Electoral, for great justice.

Four years ago during the TryCon get-together, while waiting for people to get in, me and sircrowbar had stopped to get lunch at a restaurant near the airport. Now with the presidential election of '04 looming near, and the way me and my friends minds work, we came up with the idea of instead of debates and an election, that the next president should be decided by a giant robot battle. Why? Well....
  1. Everything's cooler when there's giant robots involved.
  2. ... Would you really fuck with someone who could pilot & kick ass in a giant robot, and still controlled the US Military?

Now  I can't remember who the hell we picked to win the battle, but with the new election on hand it's time for Gundam P, Collapse )

In all seriousness, go out and vote tomorrow. (Or today, since it's after 12 AM EST) Because it's your biggest voice in these matters, and one of the few times when you use your own instead of the one person representing you and 10000 or more people at once.

Plus nothing pisses me off more then people who don't vote, yet when things start going to shit they have the largest voices. You didn't use it then, you don't get to use it now.