January 8th, 2009


The good, the not-really-bad, and the "yes, you will be paying that" ugly.

The good: I have a Facebook. Actually, I've had a it for a while now, I just forgot about it. (Kinda like how I forgot I have a fucking Myspace.) So yeah. Add me. </stroke>

The bad: I have no idea how, but I've been sleeping more in the past three days than I've been in the past three weeks. I mean I have been up for, at most, nine hours, then I pass out for anywhere from six to twelve hours. It's fucking annoying and I hope to get my schedule back to normal soon.

The ugly: I made mention of this a while back: Due to a lost piece of paper, I owe the government a decent chunk of change. Well, after a year of going around with multiple agencies trying to get it fixed, it's come down to this: I'm pretty much $3000+ worth of fucked.

... Is there anyway of convincing them I own a bank or an auto maker and get some help? ;p

Oh, and new icon. :P