January 20th, 2009

fuck off

To the one who's leaving.

To our dear exiting president:

Here, in the final hour of you presidency, there is one thing that I must say: You legacy you are leaving behind is mighty grand indeed... pity it's not the legacy you were aiming for.

You have gotten us into a long and unneeded war under false pretenses and misinformation, linking it to a national tragedy by any way possible, while the mastermind of said national tragedy is still running around... possible all just because you want to outdo your father from his go around with them.

You have fucked up this economy to the point where we are wondering if a depression isn't around the bend... Mind you, you blamed the '01 dotcom bubble burst on the prior administration. This time you are the prior administration, and it made the dotcom burst look like a minor inconvenience.

You have screwed over relations with other countries, possibly irreversibly.  We won't know until the incoming administration tests the waters.

You have pretty much fucked the GOP... but that's more on the NeoCons because they had their hand up your ass for the past 8 years. (And McCain's during the election.)

Basically Wubya, you have done what no prior president, nor any future one wants to be. A bar that instead of being reached for, gets ran from. You sir, have become the bottom of the barrel. No one will want to aspire to be like you. Any president that does a shitty job from now on can say: "Well, at least I wasn't like #43..." I mean we could have voted in a sickly dog with a facial tick, OCD, and seven months to live and he would've done a better job that you.

My suggestion is this: After noon today, go back to your ranch in Texas, and stay there. (You know, where you spent a good portion of your administration anyway.) Stay quite. Stay secluded. Stay out of the media. And eventually people will forget about you. (Like they did Arthur or Taft.) Because right now the best bet for any kind of good legacy for you to leave now is not to have one at all.

PS: Also because of you, this administration that is coming in has to be running from the get go in any hopes to start to unfuck what you did. And they will, because they are back by President McFuckingAwsome. :P